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How to find an accountant for small business in South Africa

How to find an Accountant for a Small business in South Africa

As a small business one of the factors that ensures continued survival is how well your finances are managed. Well managed finances mean that if you are not capable to manage them yourself in a standard way, you need someone to help you do that. Lets deal with how can you do that without  incurring to much costs on your small business  and how can you find the best professional to help you. As a business ourselves and experienced in the financial sector  here are a few things to consider when looking for an accountant.

What makes a business a small business

Before going further it is very important you know how to properly classify the size of your business for various reasons ,cheaf amongst them is structuring your finances accordingly and secondly complying to the South African legal requirements that govern business according to size.

According to business insider, size of a business as outlined by the South African government is determined by  the number of employees (full time paid employees, or the equivalent of full time paid employees), and total annual turnover.

The role of an accountant in a small business

Just like an any business big ,medium or small  any business needs someone in charge or at least taking care of finances in a systematic way. Thus the roles of an accountant in a small business include the following.

  • Examining factors that are negatively affecting cash flow and profitability
  • Customer profitability analysis and review of the existing and new product lines
  • Accounting systems set up
  • Business advisory services

How much does it cost to hire an accountant in South Africa?

For the cost as a small business you would want an accountant who is affordable but not doubtfully low priced because  there are so many sprout by night accountants allover directory sites who might do more harm than good in your business.You can get a professional accountant from as little as R1000  but it also depends on what you want to be done, how frequent you need one and many other factors.

How do I choose a small business accountant?

Some of the things to consider include

  • Qualification
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to use complex accounting software’s like quickbooks ,zohobooks,sage and many more
  • Supporting team
  • Licenses like saiba float etc
  • Experience

How we help small businesses manage their finances

At hartley accounting services there is no big or small we give all businesses the special treatment they deserve ,with over ten years of experience our team of qualified accountants  has helped a lot of businesses around South Africa.

We have three packages specifically tailored for all sizes of businesses and their accounting needs. From as little R1250 we get all your finances in order giving you  custom reports ,performing daily/weekly/monthly tasks and utilizing the best software for your business success.

1 Month free subscription

Two of our packages include a 1 month totally free subscription. This is  because we are committed to the growth of businesses in South Africa and we wish to support the South African dream. Click link below to check our amazing packages and get started today.